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General Mills established its presence in Argentina in the early 1960s. Today, tasty, delicious dough products are still at the heart of that business.

La Salteña
Argentina's consumers have enjoyed La Salteña products since 1962. Recognized as the expert in refrigerated and frozen dough-based products, the line includes:

• Tapas for empanadas/empanada dough for homemade turnovers
• Tapas for pascualina/pie crust dough 
Chilled pasta 
• Dry pasta 
Ready-to-heat and serve crepes 
Stuffed frozen empanadas and mini-pies

Cereal Partners Worldwide

CPW is a 50-50 partnership with Nestlé that began in 1991. 

CPW markets breakfast cereals in 130 countries and accounts for 84 percent of our joint venture sales.

The partnership marries two strengths:

• The expertise of General Mills, the second-largest cereal manufacturer in North America.
• The worldwide presence of Nestlé, which also has local market knowledge and distribution capabilities.